About Kardan International School

Welcome To Kardan International School

Afghanistan’s first and only digital school

Kardan International School is Afghanistan’s first and only digital school. The school brings together international best practices in the education sector and combines them with local expertise to respond to the growing demand for quality education in the country. Kardan International School offers international curriculum, mixed faculty of teachers, and expert school management to nurture student growth.

Through the Kardan International School, we are redefining primary and secondary education in Afghanistan. Kardan represents the most recognizable brand in the education sector in Afghanistan with over a decade of experience in providing primary, secondary, and post-secondary education services. With a focus on innovation and renewal, Kardan has been at the forefront of a vigorous drive to enhance the quality of education offered in the country.

At Kardan International School, our approach to education relies on strategic investments to exponentially enhance the quality of services offered to our students. These strategic investments at Kardan International School focuses on:

Pedagogical Innovation

Technology orientation and enhanced digitization of curriculum and teaching methods

IT Systems

Dedicated system infrastructure to facilitate administrative/faculty coordination and content delivery


Data-driven models enabling real-time student progress reports to identify deficiencies and enable teachers to develop appropriate teaching methods