Campus and Facilities

Facilities at Kardan International School

Kardan International School campus offers special facilities to allow your child to pursue their passions. Kardan International School campus is located in the heart of Kabul city. Our school building is custom built for school use, our classroom sizes conform to international standards. The school offers excellent facilities including indoor and outdoor playgrounds, facilities for organized sports, cafeteria, and a number of specialized enrichment classrooms for arts, music, drama, and STEM.

The school facilities are supported by the application of latest technologies to deliver modern learning inside classroom as well as outside. The school offers specialized facilities for our pre-school students, while primary school students avail designated facilities for their age group. Food is served by the school in accordance with the school menu. All food served in the school premises is prepared by the school kitchen staff ensuring the highest standards of safety and nutrition.


Play is an important part of children’s growth. We offer specialized play areas for our pre-school and primary school students. Kardan International School has a custom designed and built indoor playground that offers world class development and entertainment value to students. Our outdoor playground offers excellent facilities for breaktime fun for students.


Athletics is an important part of a student’s development. Kardan International School offers a range of sport amenities to our students. We offer a miniature soccer field, as well as facilities for volleyball, badminton, Tennis, Basketball. Students avail these services in the form of structured and organized sports competitions and intramural leagues throughout the school year.

Enrichment Classrooms

Our core academic content is supplemented by enrichment classes such Arts, Robotics, Drama, Music, Theatre and other classes outlined in our academic calendar. These classes are offered in our specialized enrichment rooms that offer world class learning and development tools for our teachers and students.


Security of our students and staff is at the heart of our daily grind. We have taken special measures to ensure school security. Access to school grounds is limited to our students and staff. Student pick up and Drop off is managed by our security team in a special demarcated facility inside our campus.


Parents and students are able to arrange for their transport with the school security team. The security team will issue passes for approved vehicles. Parents who intend to utilize school transport for their children need to contact the school enrollment officer.

Cafeteria & Kitchen

Lunches and all food at Kardan International School is prepared by our own kitchen staff. School menu is prepared in accordance with health and safety standards ensuring proper nutrition. The school cafeteria is an open space for all student use, lunch time is supervised by teachers.